Spe Insurance Program

Spe Insurance Program – insurance plans and supplemental services for association members

SPE Group Insurance Program

Dear Member:

The SPE Group Insurance Program is uniquely qualified to offer you and your family a broad range of stable, reliable insurance coverages, offering exceptional value at group rates. Plus, every coverage is backed by a commitment to providing members and their families with outstanding service.

As a member, you can choose
  • Protection for your health-a variety of coverages through the private medical insurance exchange
  • Protection for your life—four group Term Life Insurance Coverages: 10-Year Term Life, First-to-Die Term Life, a traditional Term Life Coverage, and a Guaranteed Term Life Coverage
  • Protection for your income—an income-based group Disability Insurance Coverage
  • Protection for your possessions—auto and homeowner plus umbrella liability insurance coverage.

The Program also provides a variety of supplemental coverages, including Medicare Supplement coverage, Long Term Care insurance, and coverage for international travel.

In addition, the Program now includes Fixed Annuities, which can help you insure your retirement with fixed guarantees.

The SPE Insurance Program is also designed to give you more peace of mind. Unlike employer-provided coverages, the SPE Insurance Program Coverages can continue to protect you, even if you change jobs.

Thank you for your trust. We look forward to serving you and your family.


W. Burt Nelson
SPE Representative
Committee on Group Insurance